Homestead Rent


We rent out not only separate rooms, buildings and areas, but also the entire homestead for your visit, leisure, celebration or event:

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We are very flexible when considering the needs and possibilities of each of our guests, therefore we are also open to your suggestions. Discounts of up to 10 percent are applied when booking the homestead for longer periods of time. The rent price of the entire homestead is discussed individually. To find out about the availability of the homestead, please contact us via phone or e-mail. 


We can rent out separate buildings – there are a total of three buildings in the homestead:

The Main House
The Main HouseThe Main House
The House With a Fireplace
The House With a FireplaceThe House With a Fireplace
The Bath House
Pirties namukasThe Bath House 

We also rent out separate rooms – there are a total of 12 rooms in the homestead.